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Some incredible Swimming Pool In Southern California

I recently took a trip to Southern California to visit some family. When my friends and family back home heard about my upcoming trip they joked about be heading to the land of swimming pools and movie stars. They told me I could be paparazzi and get pictures of some movie stars while I was in LA. Unfortunately I did not run into any stars while in California but I did take some shots of stunning swimming pools while I was there. California is truly a beautiful place and the swimming pools here were very beautiful.

My family knew a pool builder in California that was actually looking for someone to shoot photos of pools they had built. So I ended up actually working while on vacation and having a lot of fun in the process.

Here are few Shots I took

We were in the Inland Empire of California and we traveled quite a bit to get all the photos. Below is the first pool I shot. It was close to my family’s home and I was able to make a quick evening shoot.

This was a great pool in Fontana California. The best part was when they turned on all the pool lights.

The first stop the next day was to Palm Springs. This was the first time I have ever been to Palm Springs and I was really excited. There were a LOT of beautiful mid-century homes there with thousands of palm trees. It was really a beautiful place.

We got there early enough to use the lighting and fire features in the shots.

The trip to Temecula was very cool. I had done a wine tour there on another trip to see my family. But this pool was one of the coolest, IMHO.

Near by was Menifee, California where we shot this pool in a very small backyard. the story of how they get the equipment into such small spaces was very interesting.

It’s hard to believe they were actually able to get an excavator in that yard!

Lastly, we are back in the home town of this Beaumont pool contractor. It was late evening which made this last property present some incredible photos.

These night photos came out great. Wouldn’t you agree?
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