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Donna Sharpe

The thing when you’re a photographer is, you’re usually behind the camera, rather than in front of it. SBut occasionally someone catches mt with their phone. If there are any photographers out there who’d like to do a headshot shoot swap, let’s hook up!

If you’ve had a look around my site, you’ll probably have gathered that my style is pretty relaxed and informal.  My aim is to blend in so that you feel at ease, resulting in beautiful images which capture not stiff poses and fake smiles, but natural moments, spontaneous kisses and big cheesy grins.  I’m all about telling a story, and whether I’m shooting your wedding or your portraits, I’ll work hard to provide you with a set of photos that you love.

To see my recent work check out my blog. For more examples from my portfolio please have a look at the galleries (links above).  Connect with me on facebook or twitter (@donna_sharpe) to stay updated